Our Terms

Additional information on my services and billing

(“Client”) is hiring (“GFXDistrict”) to do graphic design work. The following sets forth the agreement between these two parties and binds them both.

Please read all these terms and conditions in full.

1. You cannot cancel an order or request for a refund once the work has began.

2. When an order has been made, we can later reject it for any reason. Although we will try to tell you the reason without delay and a refund will be initialised.

3. Original files are not included in the pricing or freely distributed, unless agreed before-hand. (Such as .PSD or .AI).

4. Payments are made either 100% upfront, or an optional, 50% deposit with instalments as we meet objectives.

5. If the project or order is private, please advise before-hand as we reserve the right to share the work in our portfolio without notice.

Website Development (Front-end Code)

Website code is provided as HTML5 / CSS3, unless/or as discussed in the order process (such as Webflow or Shopify).

We do not provide any backend code in the order (features such as checkouts/cart/integrations etc).

Pages are limited to what was original discussed on the invoice. (Additional pages require further payment or billed hourly).

We do not offer on-going website support after the code and service as been provided, unless additional payment is agreed upon.

IPB Forum Theme Customisation (Front-end Development + Design)

Logo artwork included in packages are strictly text logos. Professional logo designs or files are NOT included within the pack.

The theme packages are strictly forum theme reworks/revamps, meaning its not a custom developed theme from scratch.

An admin account will need to be provided to access the forum ACP to edit and perform the theme changes.

A starting theme will need to be UPLOADED before-hand, which we would revamp.
Artwork included are strictly related to the forum front-end page only, please query any particular requests or questions.

We do not upload, provide or write custom plugins and hooks.

Please keep in mind, by having a theme modified and customised you will be prone to errors if you update your IPB version at a later date as they won't be compatible.

Payments & Billing

Client will pay GFXDistrict:
A flat fee, which includes up to three rounds of revisions or edits, provided that such revisions do not exceed the Scope of Work above. All payments & order details are outlined via a PayPal invoice, Discord communication or by email.

Payments are made 100% upfront. or an optional 50% deposit, with instalments as we meet objectives on orders. Which must be paid in full before final delivery.

Before beginning any work, GFXDistrict will invoice you 'the client' for any amount due.

Payment is due: On the invoice date.
Starting date: As indicated next to item on invoice.

Currently accepting payment methods are PayPal, Coinbase (and supported cryptocurrencies, such as USDC, BTC, ETH).

Please be aware of imposters and fake Discord Accounts.
My Discord Username: gfxdistrict
My unique Discord ID: 273873873613619211
Billing Email: Calum@gfxdistrict.com

Confidential Information

Any information supplied by one party to the other marked as “Confidential” must be used only for the purposes of this agreement and must not be disclosed to other parties without the discloser’s written consent. This does not apply to information that is publicly available or that the recipient already properly knew, developed or received independently. When the agreement terminates, Freelancer must return to Client any materials containing confidential information. Confidentiality obligations survive termination of this agreement.


We may update these terms from time to time in order to reflect, for example, changes to our practices or for other operational, legal or regulatory reasons without any notice.

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