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Can't get enough of this guy! #1 in my books. Always does amazing work!!!


Sexy guy. Did wonders to my website.

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Apex Clan

@Calum thank you for making a banner! You made it within 12 hours. Big respect.


Great job on our forum theme for our clan community forum top quality graphics and work as always, great communication and was willing to do any edits we wanted in a fast manner, thanks man.


2nd time we work with Calum regarding forum work. Each time he has exceeded expectations. Highly recommended.


I started working with Calum 3 years ago when we decided to open up a gaming guild. Ever since we got our first order completed we were amazed at the quality and level of customer service for the price. He's remained our go to. Even when I barely knew what I wanted done, he took his creativity and got to work and always impressed. Even on the times I was picky and wanted change after change he never complained and always over delivered.

If you need anything done, don't hesitate and shoot him an inquiry. Stellar guy to work with and glad we've had a long successful history thus far.


Made awards for our clan, super clean and fast  was always willing to adjust or add awards when requested. Thanks


Calum helped me a few years ago with my clan 'Phoenix' building an awesome theme for my forums, did several animated banners and had countless amounts of time and patience with me until everything was perfected. Recently he also designed entire forums for my current clan 'Rage' and everything came out perfect, no one could have done this better then Calum. Its very beautiful and he's open for basically every big or small change and helps you until everything is perfect. A lot of respect for his professionalism and kindness! 10/10 VOUCH!


Calum built our website and did a ton of other graphics work, all of it is beautiful, did a great job even though we gave him very little to work with creatively.


ALWAYS great and easy to work with!! has a great sense of design and always makes sure the consumer is happy before moving on! Been using him for 2+ years now and never been disappointed.


Calum has recently been our go-to designer at Praesul, and by far he is the best graphic designer in the scene, consistent with the timeline he gives, very short in delivery time. He also provided us support and edits even when the order was finished ages ago, you would never be disappointed for using him for your graphics, I can assure you all the work you will get is top tier.

Bob Wise

Calum is the best GFX artist worth your buck definitly. Always got him to make my GFX and hes a reliable artist. Outdoing himself everytime when it comes down to a job and is super creative.


Calum is my undeniable choice in GFX - I've been going through him for years and I've never been disappointed. All his work is top tier and created in a timely manner, pleasing both myself and the members of my community. Prices are fair and Calum is honest with continued customer service even after an order is complete. I will never use another GFX artist again, my full support to Calum and GFX District!


Orion RSPS Staff

There’s genuinely no one better on Rune-Server when it comes to any kind of service than Calum. Professional, extremely talented, efficient and great to work with. If you want something done, speak to Calum. This service is used by real-life companies, if you want to compete, you HAVE to be using this service too.


If you’re not using this guy for your graphics, forums & websites – WHATEVER YOU NEED – Then you’re missing out on cheap, quality designs. No one can beat my vouch – I’ll literally fight you. Best. Designer. Ever.



Thank you so much for the perfect banner you made us here at DeceptionRSPS – it was done vaguely fast, and efficiently. I did not get told ‘I am sorry you do not like the banner I don’t think we should work together’ I said something I did not like and it got changed and looks up-most gorgeous! Thank you.


Vouch, extremely professional and provided me with exactly what I wanted, exactly when he said he would.



Vouch, best in the business.


Wanted to leave some feedback after having Calum come back and do work for me again.

At this point GFX District is my go-to graphic designer. He is attentive to your needs, accepting of input, and has a great creative mind.
Somehow he manages to make his designs trendy, but at the same time completely original every time.

If you have input to the design he's come up with, he'll fix it. He's even proposed several, completely different variations to me on larger jobs in the past.

If you guys are looking for graphic work, why are you even looking elsewhere?


Made a banner for my OSRS Gold site, great service won’t stop till you are satisfied 10/10.



Vouch for Calum, purchased plenty of stuff from him for my upcoming server. He does quality work in a professional manner and I would recommend him to anyone.


I simply want to say Calum is literally one of the best graphics designers I know and is quick about his work. I honestly enjoy his prices and what he offers. Thanks Calum for everything you have done for my clan.


Awesome work, bought a banner and will buy a signature and avatar; Vouch!



Where do I even begin? I’m talking on the behalf of EliteScape right now. I met Calum through Vippy who recommended him to me. I have purchased 4 services from him. They all went so smoothly. The best thing about Calum is that he is very professional with his services, and his customer care is superb. The quality of his work and his worth ethic is excellent. This man is phenomenal at what he does. To top it all off his rates are very affordable!Lovely doing business with you Calum, will deffo purchase more. My signature / banner was made by Calum – Which is now being displayed to thousands of people.



Five stars. We will use him again. Trusted, reliable, and does a great job! Couldn’t be more satisfied.


Made a banner for me great service won’t stop till you are satisfied 10/10.


Huge vouch for GFXDistrict/Calum, contacted me quickly, extremely fast, paid and had my banner completed within 2~ hours. The banner was impeccable. Thank you! 100% recommend.

The Duck


Bought a set of underbanners. Good price and fantastic result. Great response time and feedback too.


Rune-Server Admin

Provides really fast and very good services! Vouch!

Leon X D

Vouch for this lad, brilliant job. Fast and very skilled w/ great communication.


big vouch for this guy, does great work! I would suggest using him for any of your graphic design needs!

OS Malice

Vouch, done me some sick edits to my original client background! I paid first, legit and fast! Cheers!



This guy does amazing work, 100% vouch for Calum

Wee Man


Just had our boards completely redone in less than a day. 100% worth the money, would recommend, A+++++

Wee Man


Just had our boards completely redone in less than a day. 100% worth the money, would recommend, A+++++


Calum has done some really good work by me, made all the changes I needed. Very pleasant to work with. He has good prices and very high-quality work. I will definitely work with Calum again.


Bought a very wonderful user image from Calum amazed by it!

Em Poli

Professional Service – Fast, excellent communication, all issues resolved promptly. Will be using again.


Got a Logo from him, he did a great job and was very helpful! Thanks!



One of the best and most reliable sources for GFX in the community. Well done boys.



Probably one of the best graphics around right now.


Great work, great customer service, extremely trustworthy.


After trying many others, I always come to Calum, he gives you exactly what you’d like in a great time frame and awesome customer service no complaints at all. Quality work.


Vouch. made me an awesome signature & thread layout that was amazing not badly priced either.


Made a bunch of userbars for me. Very reasonable prices and best artist out of ~10-15 that I went through before I found him. A++++++++


Vouch for Calum! I purchased his signature with animation package. Everything went smooth. He does good work and the service is excellent !


Had several orders from him, all turned out as I wanted and he’s always able to provide when I need ty


vouch for calum, did a amazing job on my thread layout and my Sig A++++


Received my request in no time, very nice service. Legit, quick, and easy to contact.


Vouch, made me a signature and avatar in less than two hours! Very fast and efficient. Does great work and I WILL be back for more!


Absolutely amazing service! Quick, efficient, always online and does great work! Definitely recommended!



Vouched, Great work by Calum!


I got a bunch of work done by Calum, its amazing stuff. Great value and even better work!


Awesome !! Completed my sig & Avatar. Best customer support service and i got what i paid for. Thanks a bunch!

Spear Dice


Another huge thanks to Calum for making us another sexy thread layout. Love your work. Definitely one of the fastest and best gfx artists on sythe. Everybody should use him.


Made 28 Userbars in just a couple of hours and they look sexy af! Went smooth thanks!!


Very professional, fast and friendly service, I’d recommend this to anyone.


Vouch from me, Made me a Youtube background & Avatar.


He made me this awesome signature and it was exactly what I wanted! thanks again.


Huge vouch for calum, made me a very nice thread layout, avatar and sig, adjusted every single thing i asked, great guy highly recommend.


He made me a banner for my mobile application. I am very happy with it. Very affordable price. Thank you.


Vouch, Purchased a Twitter Header / Icon, was easy to work with and had it done in no time! will work with again.


Sold me an awesome thread! Great guy.


Vouch made me a fantastic 3d sig and avatar!


TeamTrust Services

Made me an awesome thread layout. Loved it!


Made me an awesome thread laHuge Vouch for Calum! The service he provided was amazing, everything was done to the book, quick , hassle free and the end product was out of this world. I’m so happy i came to him, and i recommend other do aswell!! Very Trusted!yout. Loved it!


Huge vouch for this guy, made me a great logo, awesome designer.

Spear Dice


Love this guy! He made me a sexy darkscape thread layout. Kept me updated throughout the process and making any adjustments I wanted quickly. Not only is he super quick, but extremely professional and super nice. Huge recommendation for him. Thanks again!

King Tijn2

Big Vouch for Calum, did quite some graphics work for me including signature, logo, thread design etc for a reasonable price. Very efficient, professional and great communication. Awesome guy and excellent service. 10/10


Vouch as always  Calum does wonderful work



Created a beyond amazing Logo & Icons for us. Everything went smooth as usual. An amazing designer and definitely my go-to for any and all of my graphic needs



Thanks for the amazing logo you made for my private server, looking forward to doing more business with you!


Legendary GFX artists. Always does good work for the clan world. Worth the wait.


Absolute best GFX artist I've ever had work done by. Even when you don't know what you want he knows how to make it happen! Thanks again.


Calum did my discord server logo and he did a hell of a job, definitely coming back here again if I need more stuff done.

Ricardo J

Calum is as professional as it gets.  I was highly impressed with his ability and knowledge in the space of graphix and design, along  I knew I had a ton of options when it came to choosing graphics but could tell that GFX District was our best bet. Man am I glad I came here!


Amazing work from Calum! Completely in love with the design he did for us and will be returning for more work!


Just like to say Calum has both designed & developed pages for our site as well as a client background for us, he always has great ideas and uses his initiative if something we didn't ask about looks off. Always happy to try different things to help you get the final design, which is great! Great communication too, constant updates throughout and fast replies when inquiring about anything. This has been his best service for me yet, absolutely loving the result! Thanks again Calum, I'll be coming back (again) if I need anything in the future..

I have been using Calum for graphic and web design services for over 6 months now after he was referred to me by a good friend. He not only delivers as promised but also always exceeds my expectations. I have used him for both of my businesses and have seen a large increase of user interaction on both sites. He is VERY easy to work with and offers competitive pricing. It is very hard to get a graphic/web designer that is all around solid. Looking forward to working with you on next weeks project!


#1 in his field, has a great mind for it. Very fast delivery times, regular updates and support during & after. Great prices. Have been using since Jan 2019 and would never go anywhere else.


Hydra Clan

Excellent work, great prices, professional & extremely quick! 10/10 will return for more work! Great web design work, our forums have never looked better!


Calum is one of the most consistent, reliable, quality designers in the gaming community. Pushing the bar every time.


Calum has been my go-to and only graphic designer that I have used in the past year. He's quick, honest and reasonable. He shows passion and creativity in his designs and each piece from him is completely original. I've used him for three different businesses and countless odd jobs. Calum is upfront and even adds input and his own flare and creativity to your designs.There's no reason to look elsewhere. GFX District should be your first and last stop for any graphic design!


+1 We’ve used him for the first time. He’s communicative even though he has a busy schedule. Very efficient and does quality work. Really recommended!

M Specz

I have purchased from Calum four times in total now. He has worked on jobs ranging from huge clan packages to small personal sigs. Each time he gives me a preview I’m stunned and about 3 minutes later he presents an even better version.If you need GFX of any kind get in touch with Calum. He’s ridiculously easy to work with and gets stuff done so fast you won’t believe given how many orders he has.If you are wondering why I’m being so nice, I literally contacted him about 4 minutes ago asking if he had any spare time and he answered instantly asking what he could do for me. Top bloke, and really professional.Anyway give him a go, you won’t be disappointed. 10/10.


I’ve always used him as my go-to Graphic Designer.
Always provides quality work and delivers insanely fast!

Austin X

Vouch, he is a true artist, very talented, better than any other graphic designer I’ve seen in the RSPS community.


Huge vouch for this guy, we went first and he did not slack or anything or such as the rest of this community, he managed to deliver in much less time than expected or than the original deadline he gave, yet it was one of the most professional designs we have managed to get our hands on so far, we are very satisfied with the result, he took all of our input into consideration and changed the design to our liking and made sure we are satisfied.

Would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for professional designs, and looking forward for more work from you in the future


Calum is a very legit guy who makes over the top GFX for a low price, he has a creative mind set and always delivers!
Good working with you for like the twentieth time.


forsaken clan

Fantastic work doing a set of member icons for Forsaken, would recommend this service to anyone. Cheers.


Calum did yet another phenomenal job for me, it was fast and he was very patient with me and worked with me to give me exactly what I wanted, would highly recommend him for any GFX job.


Calum does excellent work, very detailed and makes sure that you like the design before he finalizes it and in a timely manor, will definitely recommend him to friends if they need it.


Nothing at all bad to say about Calum/gfxdistrict. Very professional and delivers on his etas. Not only that but his designs and creativity are top level. Would recommend to anyone who comes across this.

Serenity 317

100% satisfied with this man’s services. If I ever have a problem in the future, he’s the man ill be going to. Keep in mind we bought the most expensive package so we expected the best, and he brought it.


Big vouch for GFX District! Very high quality work and it’s worth the money! He’s also a very nice guy because he offers free edits or alterations to the finished product, thank you so much!


Calum made me a new sig, avatar and ui, all top quality, gave him the description, went to sleep, woke up and all sorted.


Huge vouch for Calum, fast and unbelievable work. Listens to everything you desire. 100% Recommend.


Did some graphics for me and they were extremely fast and very good quality! Great guy to deal with. 10/10 recommend.


This Guy is an absolute beast with art , super friendly and fast would HIGHLY recommend.


Huge vouch, made an awesome UI for me in a timely manner. Thanks!

Fake Smile

Made me a professional logo for a reasonable price, considering others charge hundreds more for that. Happy with the customer service, fast and good quality, able to convert your vision to a PDF file.

Fake Smile

Made me a professional logo for a reasonable price, considering others charge hundreds more for that. Happy with the customer service, fast and good quality, able to convert your vision to a PDF file.



Thanks for making me amazing art mate I love them.


Made me a signature, avatar & Userimage! Very nice and very helpful thanks so much!

Play Boy


Vouch for Calum, does some serious work.


Vouch for @Calum! Made me my awesome avatar and sig! Works fast and hard to make sure you get what you want!

Subsonic GFX

Vouch from me, Bought a avatar, and a new signature, very impressed with the quality of work. Thanks Calum.



sold me an amazing thread layout Thanks!


Bought a sweet graphic looking forward to buying more


I asked for over 100 edits, itsy bitsy annoying changes and he followed them all through, I even went back to an older design he showed (which is a hell for designers), and he didn’t complain once and kept throwing new creative things at me, very very VERY good designer!



Awesome GFX Artist to work with nowadays, if not the best at this moment! Keep up the amazing work Calum!

Out of Ctrl

Great work, always a pleasure speaking to Calum also.



Did work on TUF’s forums + all their graphics, very trustworthy and great to work with.


Does amazing work, get your work done from Calum.



Vouch for Calum he created some high quality designs for me!


Just wanted to post a nice review for his work. Late last night I contacted Calum requesting a possible Avatar / Logo, problem was I didn’t have much of an idea to what I wanted. After 15 mins of talking, we figured out what I liked and didn’t like and set something up. Just got the results early this morning and I am extremely pleased!Definitely recommend him for any GFX work you need. Thanks!


Did work for me, great job! Defiantly recommend!



Vouch for Calum, made me exactly what I was looking for and more!!! Couldn’t be more pleased with this work.


Huge vouch from me, made me sig and avatar. Very responsive and kept me updated. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you!


Calum is the greatest graphics artist I’ve come by. He is quick, cheap, and overall is reliable. His services are exactly what you would want. A fair price for what your asking for. I highly recommend to use Calum as your GFX artist.


Huge vouch! His work continues to amaze me each and every order I place. Keep it up Calum!


AAA service, would recommend to anyone who actually wants a high quality product tailored to their needs. +1


Vouch. Calum made a couple of banners for a friend of mine. It looked really good and he was amazing to talk to during the process.


Bought an avatar from him, he was super helpful and very happy to make the changes that we asked for. Great service!


Nice guy to deal with, I order several projects from him, i think i found the right graphic guy  +rep.


Massive Vouch! made a sig and avatar for me its amazing ty very happy!will come back A++++++++++ ty man!


vouched, legit 100% awesome sig he made me.


He made me this great signature! Could not be more happy.


Vouch! Made my Avatar, UI & Signature. Very pleasant to work with, thanks bud.


He made me this great signature! Could not be more happy.

The Sun

This Guy Is Rocks I Recommend This Guy Hes Pro As You Can See My Avatar And Signature!


Vouch, made me several items for a channel!


Vouch! made me some thread banners and a nice suggy. thanks alot.


Bought a Sig, banner, and Avatar, he stayed up at like 1am to talk to me, really appreciate how quickly it was done. He’s a friendly guy, would recommend.


Made me a lovely signature and avatar, will be coming back to this guy, quality work.


Must say his quality of service, and customer support is amazing. I purchased a thread layout, sig and avatar from him. He kept me updated constantly, asking me multiple times throughout the service if there was anything big or small he could change or do to make it better. I must say it was perfectly the way I wanted from the start.Great easy to work with guy! would highly recommend!!



Have been working with Calum for the last few days and I must say, he is one of the most efficient and talented artists I have had the pleasure of working with.
There honestly wasn’t a single bit of work Calum produced that I wasn’t happy with. Has been worth every penny and will continue to use Calum as our go to GFX designer from now on at

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