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Case Study

A brand-new gaming supplement by Aspex Gaming Nutrition. Reaction is the first of the supplements to launch.

Reaction will help you to play to the best of your ability more consistently. This carefully formulated supplement will give you the edge over your friends, team mates and opposition by ensuring that your brain has everything it needs to keep you performing at your best.

Olympic athletes and now the top eSports athletes have been taking supplements to keep them at the top of their game for years. It is now time for aspiring gamers and streamers to take their nutrition seriously, Reaction makes this easy by giving you a blend of the most powerful nootropic ingredients in the world and as a result is the perfect gaming supplement.

The Challenge

Create a logo identity and theme for an upcoming gaming supplement by Aspex Gaming Nutrition. Required outcomes include a logo, product packaging and website.


A logo design, packaging and website to promote the business.

Logo Design

Identity System

Logo design inspired by the eSports gaming mascots and sigils. The shield symbol communicates the stability and tough-competition of the gaming industry. Within the logo design, a medal / crown icons included at the bottom & top to signify triumph and champions.

Product Packaging

A difficult part of the project was to create a supplement packaging design working within compact dimensions, whilst conveying all the required information and details.

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